Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine


Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the occupiers have been destroying the historical monuments of our country every day. The Russian military cynically and mercilessly destroys museums, memorials, and university buildings, and bombards churches, temples, cathedrals, and monuments, thereby trying to deny the very fact of the existence of Ukrainian culture and art.

More than 400 Ukrainian objects and monuments of culture and architecture have already suffered from enemy aggression. Even more, they are under the daily threat of bombings from Russia. In this way, the aggressor state tries to erase Ukrainian culture and blur the concept of Ukrainian identity in order to justify countless war crimes, acts of aggression, violations of human rights, and international law, which Russia commits on Ukrainian soil.

The enemy does not recognize our right to exist and does not recognize our original Ukrainian culture. Its goal is the destruction of the Ukrainian nation and identity. Today, Ukrainian cultural heritage and national identity are one of the main targets of the enemy. After all, our history and the idea of ​​European choice of Ukraine, independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state are unacceptable in their understanding.

That is why the project "Save Ukrainian culture" was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine and the telecom operator "Vodafone Ukraine". The goal of the project is to draw attention to the war crimes of the Russian aggressor country in Ukraine, to restore and preserve the objects of the cultural heritage of Ukraine that suffered from Russian military aggression, and generally to popularize Ukrainian culture throughout the world. The practical tasks of the project are to record the war crimes committed by the Russian army against the cultural monuments of Ukraine and to attract patrons, donors, and representatives of world governments to the preservation and reconstruction of Ukrainian cultural heritage and their restoration.

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